There was a time, you needed to enable port forwarding if you were planning to make a service publicly available for the internet. Isn't that great? Using the concept of port forwarding, you can now watch your video surveillance cameras, residing on your local home network, from everywhere in the world using a simple username and password. Boom 💥!

Port Forwarding? Hell no!

Hell no, and the worst thing is, some people and even companies still live in that time 👵. Here is the goods news, and by the way it's not only applicable for video surveillance, there is an alternative. Welcome WebRTC!

Counting of objects or simply object counting has many different applications and use cases, both in our daily lives as in the world of enterprises.

Counting of cars using a physical counting device.

Over the decade many different techniques were designed and developed, to help us measuring the world. To succeed we used many different devices and sensors to quantify objects that are approaching or getting nearby a predefined region of interest.

As of today, a lot of progress has been made on many different areas, especially in the branch of computer science and more specifically in the sub branches computer vision and machine learning. By having and…

So you want to install to your Docker host? Awesome, let us show you how easy it is. You will be amazed. Click, click, 💥.

First things first

Over the years we have tried to make available to as much devices and hardware as possible. Thanks to Docker, this significantly simplified this very challenging task. By now we have distributed over 1 Million copies around the globe; wonderful. Nowadays you can deploy to any device that can run Docker: your local PC, server, VM, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, and the list goes on.

Let's start

Ok so let's get started with…

Docker is a game changer for all of us. It has changed the way how we look at software. In the past, releasing software was a moment of stress, uncertainty, and making a cross your fingers gesture.

The stress remains, however the uncertainty disappeared; at least for most of it. Never before we were so sure, that our software will work on any machine that can host your Docker container. Using a single line of code, you can run your software, thanks to Mr. Docker Magic.

This is no different for, over the years we have matured the…

As you might know or may have heard, is a video surveillance system, that allows you to monitor your property using a video camera in just a few minutes. onboards any camera and deploys to any Linux environment or container runtime; it's easy. As branded on the public website, can be used by both the open source community as enterprises.

For (5) years the team of has been working together closely with a highly motivated community, due to this a lot of focus was brought to the UX level of the solution, and this both integrated…

Can you imagine a world without video surveillance? I don’t think so. If you’ve ever walked in the heart of London, you’ve certainly noticed a camera at every corner. You simply can’t ignore there presence, big brother is watching you, anywhere, all the time.

While some people get a safer feeling, others may have concerns regarding there privacy. Personally, I believe that most people don’t know what privacy actually is and that it’s widely misunderstood: what conflicts with your privacy and what not? Because people will get a better understanding, I see a change in mindset, which will make people…

Cédric Verstraeten

Presales Engineer @SAP , Founder of @kerberosio . Passionated by technology.

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